Our vision is the future where brands can easily, legally, and responsibly use photos and videos to activate, engage, and thrill their audiences.

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Audiences are your brand ambassadors

Brands and media interested in leveraging photos and videos in audience activation and engagement are screaming for a solution. They have not had the chance to utilize photos and videos because of legal restrictions and difficulties in collecting and managing them.
We see this need as one of the fundamental but unaddressed forces of digitalization. For that we have built the BCaster platform that benefits all parties involved including audiences, brands, media, marketers and sponsors/advertisers.

The BCaster Story

It all started in 2015 with a rally car crashing into the woods next to Janne Neuvonen during the World Rally Cup event in central Finland. When he and others were pushing the car back to the road, the big news broadcasters rushed to the scene and kept asking the witnesses if they could provide any footage of the incident. It was there and then he realized that getting fresh and authentic user-generated content (UGC) is a real problem that no one was solving.

Janne quickly realized that solving the collection, management, usage, and geographical challenges on a massive scale wasn’t easy. The only viable solution was to develop a platform that could bring all the required functionalities together. The journey took years of trials, failures, and eventually successes to find the right solution.

To start, collecting UGC directly from the users in real time is cumbersome and difficult. The team kicked off with an app to make this collection easier. Then moved to an SDK model based on feedback from customers. But the final and best solution was the URL-based self-service product that is in use today.

At the same time, the platform developed and grew to accommodate the clear legal usage of content. AI was employed from the start to make finding content and giving credit to the right people easy when massive amounts of content were collected.

It has been a long journey with ups and downs – but we did not only survive, we came out of the journey as seasoned professionals and with the perfect solution for companies to provide the best audience engagement. Now we have started the second part of our journey. Our vision is that in the future, all brands can easily, legally, and responsibly use photos and videos to activate, engage, and thrill their audiences.

Rally photo by Janne Neuvonen

Rally photo by Janne Neuvonen

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