Shopping Centre Mylly, Retail customer

Mylly wanted to offer visibility to shops and businesses during tough times

mylly web app powered by BCaster

Mylly had the following targets

  1. Show the shops and businesses at the shopping centre that Mylly cares for them and offers them a new way for more visibility
  2. Have employees and owners of the shops create fresh, authentic content
  3. Show the content on digital displays at the shopping centre and around the city of Turku
Mylly's campaign poster.

Mylly's campaign poster.

Photos by Meri Hakulinen.

Photos by Meri Hakulinen.

How Mylly did things

  1. Mylly had Clear Channel operate the campaign
  2. Mylly shared the Camera Link with the shops together with simple guidelines on what type of photos they would like to receive
  3. New photos from shops were updated daily to Clear Channel’s digital displays at the shopping centre and around the city of Turku

What Mylly, Clear Channel and the shops got out of it

  1. Shops shared happy feelings and got new type of visibility on digital displays and in the shopping centre’s social media channels
  2. Mylly and Clear Channel got a lot of positive feedback and confirmed that BCaster provides a new, authentic digital marketing to reach target customers
Screenshot from Clear Channel webpage.

Screenshot from Clear Channel webpage.

"Campaign with Mylly and BCaster opened up new opportunities for using UGC to reach customers at the right place, at the right time and with appealing content." Read more...

Tommi Fäldt, Account Manager, Clear Channel Finland

"Shops have provided a lot of very positive feedback. Truly a goodwill campaign." Read more...

Meri Hakulinen, Marketing Manager, Shopping Centre Mylly