Share your Valentine’s Day feelings

Shops were thrilled to have the opportunity to share their feelings with photos to Mylly, and have Mylly show the photos on Clear Channel displays.

mylly web app powered by BCaster

Photos by Meri Hakulinen.

Case Mylly (shopping center)

Shops embraced what Mylly offered, and enjoyed the new type of visibility. Mylly was overwhelmed by the positive feedback.

Corona has brought unexpected challenges for the shops and businesses at the shopping center - how to support the shops and businesses during unexpectedly tough times?

Mylly wanted to offer visibility to shops and businesses during tough times and show that they care. Photos were shared across the mall and the city on Clear Channel’s digital displays.

Share the most authentic and interesting content with customers with the least amount of effort. Increase measurable visibility. Have full control over the content.

Give your customers a moment of support.

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"Shops have provided a lot of very positive feedback. Truly a goodwill campaign." Read more...

Meri Hakulinen, Marketing Manager, Shopping Centre Mylly

"Campaign with Mylly and BCaster opened up new opportunities for using UGC to reach customers at the right place, at the right time and with appealing content." Read more...

Tommi Fäldt, Account Manager, Clear Channel Finland