Sinuhe & Lahden Pelicans, Sponsor & Sports team

Pelicans wanted to give one of their sponsors more visibility among fans.

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Pelicans had the following targets

  1. Activate fans to participate the game from home
  2. Give sponsor (Sinuhe) proven visibility during fan activation and photo sharing, in social media and on the team’s homepage
  3. ”Pelicans Fan Camera by Sinuhe”
Photo courtesy of Pelicans.

Photo courtesy of Pelicans.

Screenshot of Pelicans Facebook.

Screenshot of Pelicans Facebook.

How Pelicans does things

  1. Activation campaign with the sponsor was posted on Pelicans’ Facebook page and web pages: here
  2. Fan photos were shown in social media posts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), on the stadium’s cube and on the team’s homepage
  3. Best photo was rewarded with sponsor's products and team merchandise

What Pelicans and Sinuhe got out of it

  1. Over 10% of fans are activated per game when the campaign was promoted
  2. On average 70% of activated fans shared photos
  3. Measurable and proven visibility for the sponsor
  4. Fans were thrilled to see their photos posted in different channels including Pelicans’ social media
Photos courtesy of Pelicans.

Photos courtesy of Pelicans.

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Samuli Kaikkonen, Marketing Manager – Lahden Pelicans Oy