Urheilugaala, Sports awards event

Annual sports and athlete awards wanted to activate viewers.

urheilugaala web app powered by BCaster

The event organizer had the following targets

  1. Test a completely new virtual format of the sports and athlete awards
  2. Activate audience with BCaster as part of the new format
  3. Test virtual production together with the broadcaster
Screenshot of Urheilugaala webapp.

Screenshot of Urheilugaala webapp.

Screenshots from Urheilugaala Instagram and YLE chat.

Screenshots from Urheilugaala Instagram and YLE chat.

How the event organizer did things

  1. Planning started only one day before the nationwide broadcast
  2. The organizer created their own direct URL link to BCaster Camera: urheilugaala.fi/kotikatsomo
  3. Activation was done with a social media post

What the event organizer and the broadcaster got out of it

  1. Technically everything worked very well
  2. BCaster is very fast and easy to deploy, no training was needed
  3. Using BCaster for audience activation fits very well with the new virtual only event format
Screenshot from Yle Areena.

Screenshot from Yle Areena.

BCaster was a good activation tool for the new virtual program format. The service was straightforward to take into use and worked very well.

Heikki Pohjonen, Marketing and Sales Director, Rivents Oy