YLEX, Music media

Radio station with online streaming used BCaster to activate listeners and viewers for charity.

ylex web app powered by BCaster

YleX had the following targets

  1. Activate radio listeners and online streaming viewers to donate in national charity for childrens’ wellbeing
  2. Activate people to send photos to a contest during the live program
  3. Get fresh, authentic content for the live stream and radio program
Screenshots from YleX Instagram.

Screenshots from YleX Instagram.

Screenshot from YleX live stream.

Screenshot from YleX live stream.

How YleX did things

  1. Program hosts promoted the campaign on live broadcast by asking people to send photos
  2. YleX created their own direct URL link to BCaster Camera: ylex.fi/kuvat
  3. Hosts browsed through the photos on live broadcast and shared the photos on live stream, TV, and in Instagram stories

What YleX got out of it

  1. Thousands of channel’s daily audience was activated
  2. Almost one third of activated viewers and listeners shared photos
  3. The hosts chose tattoo photo contest winners and got new tattoos on live stream
  4. The charity broke the donation record and almost doubled in size compared to previous year
Screenshot from YleX live stream using the BCaster Dashboard.

Screenshot from YleX live stream using the BCaster Dashboard.