Donate and see hosts get inked

Tattoo contest on a live broadcast for the Red Nose Day charity campaign.

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Screenshot from YleX live stream.

Case YleX (radio station)

Red Nose Day charity campaign’s donations for children’s well-being tripled. Thousands of listeners donated for a good cause.

How to get listeners and fresh content part of a live broadcast?

Do a tattoo contest: ask for tattoo suggestions from listeners. Radio hosts promote the contest on a live broadcast. The hosts choose the best tattoos for themselves. When a donation target is met, the hosts will get the tattoos live.

Get great tattoo ideas. Use the ideas as part of the program: review, analyze, comment, and finally pick the favorites. Show the listeners that they are a key part of the contribution to a good cause.

Listeners love for you to show them love by sharing their authentic content. They want to do it in a safe space. And they share with their friends.

Cost-efficient collection and usage of user-generated photos. Increase authenticity, relatability, and engagement among existing and new listeners.

Embrace the power of your audience.

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