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What is BCaster?

BCaster is an AI-powered media platform for crowdsourced content with rights management and realtime search.

BCaster™ is a Finnish video platform company. We are building and developing a time-and-place–connected platform for mobile videos and photos. Our AI-driven platform finds and collects all the created content together in one place without any hashtags or keywords.

With our platform, content can be shared, analysed, tagged and described automatically. This means that everybody around the world can also see the same frames you just captured. BCaster™ records the media content and a wide variety of different sensor, quality and metadata. Therefore BCaster™ is able to find and provide only the best and most suitable clips for users and broadcasters. If you know when and where the content was created, you can find the specific moment.

Through our rights management we protect users’ content and help them to manage their own videos better.

In the future BCaster™’s group mode will gather people together forming one social group with the same experience and media content. All videos and photos can be found in one place and combined together forming a deep and immersive social experience. Afterwards all the material can also be shared on any new or existing social media, like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.

Please note that BCaster is under heavy development at the moment. This is not the final product or service you're experiencing right now. Things might and will change rapidly. Hope you enjoy the ride!


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