Pricing is based on actual use of service. No use. No pay. Simple sign-up & fast Integration to your website. You know your customers. Now you can activate and engage them better than ever before.

using bcaster icc dashboard

Our Standard Service components and main features

Intelligent Community Camera (ICC)
  • Direct ICC link for immediate use
  • Integration for websites and apps
  • Capture content using device camera
  • Upload content from device gallery
  • Real-time content management
  • Basic and advanced search options
  • Batch download of content
  • Automatic content filters (future feature)
Cloud Platform
  • Database
  • Content storage
  • AI-based media content analysis
  • Quality control for media content

Our pricing model

Min MAUs Max MAUs Price / MAU
1 1,000 0.50 €
1,001 5,000 0.35 €
5,001 10,000 0.25 €
10,001 ..... Contact Us

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is an MAU?

    An MAU stands for Monthly Active User. In BCaster Service, it equals an individual who accesses the Service via a mobile device (clicks ICC) at least one time during the ongoing calendar month. If the same individual clicks more than once during the ongoing calendar month, then it will still be calculated as one MAU.

  2. How do you invoice? How do I pay?

    We use Stripe to manage all payment and billing processing. Stripe collects your credit card information and charges you once a month directly from your credit card. We do not provide other means of invoicing at the moment.

  3. When do you invoice?

    We charge your credit card (using Stripe) first day of every month based on the actual use of the Service, which is measured with MAUs. After the month end, the MAU measurement for the next month starts from zero.

  4. What type of businesses can use the Service?

    Any brand or business, small or big, can use the Service. Especially those brands and businesses who are interested in activating and engaging their users will find many benefits from using the Service, benefits that have not been available for them before.

  5. How can I use the Service?

    You can share the BCaster ICC direct link with your users or integrate the ICC on any of your mobile-compatible webpage(s) or mobile app webview(s). You activate your users to click the direct ICC link or the ICC button / customized banner on your webpage. Clicking the link, button or banner opens the ICC through which your user can capture content or choose content from the device gallery. The content is uploaded to BCaster, analyzed and presented to you in real-time via the Dashboard.

  6. How can I use the content?

    BCaster collects and provides you with original resolution, unpacked content that you can use in any digital marketing or channel including social media.

  7. How is content copyright managed?

    BCaster is the first UGC Service that handles and manages the copyright of the content from the content creator to the content user.

  8. What if I don’t use the Service?

    If you don’t use the Service, then you won’t be charged for the Service. This means that your monthly invoice amount will be zero due to the fact that there hasn't been any usage hence making the MAU zero.