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With the BCaster Intelligent Community Camera.

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Why BCaster?

Most companies lose user-generated content created by their customers. Usually it gets scattered around popular social networking apps. It doesn't have to be so. With BCaster you can have an engaging community tool inside your app or website.

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Company In Brief.

Our mission is to turn around the world of user generated content. We give brands and businesses the power of their customers. Photos and videos captured by the users are increasingly relevant in engaging other users. You can benefit from that while the users get their share of value. BCaster enables this by handling copyrights and authenticating content.

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What can you do with BCaster?


Get legal access to your readers' photos and videos without changing their social behavior.


Create more associable content especially for younger generations.


Collect photos and videos directly from your readers in real-time.


Search photos and videos using time and location as well as tags created with automatic AI-based analysis.


Use photos and videos from your readers in any of your media channels.

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