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With the BCaster platform for user-generated content.

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BCaster Media Platform.

The BCaster platform handles the whole process of managing user-generated content — from capturing to searching, sharing and rewarding. Plus we have some quite magical technological advances.

Better together.

Your app & the BCaster SDK.

Our SDK adds BCaster functionality to existing iOS or Android apps. So your app can include our camera with automatic upload to your BCaster cloud. The SDK also provides a gallery view where users can see and manage their photos and videos.

Search, analyze, and activate.

You can search for media and follow the metrics from your BCaster dashboard, including information like the number of uploads and views. If the numbers don't look good, you can run activation campaigns to activate your users.

AI demo on iPhone
AI demo on iPhone

Artificially Intelligent.

We use machine learning to analyze the content of videos. There's no need for users to add hashtags. AI can find objects, people and even emotions automatically. You can search, for example, for videos containing red cars and sunshine in a particular place and time.

No fake videos.

Videos and photos taken with the BCaster SDK also contain sensory information captured from the device. Using this information we can detect if the video file is authentic or if it was edited or manipulated in any way. What you see really did happen.

Rewarding is now rewarding.

Good content is valuable. If you wish, you can compensate for content by paying or by rewarding in some other way. BCaster handles the transaction details. You don’t need to make contracts or have negotiations with your end users. It's all taken care of.

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