You activate your users.

We deliver their content to you.

Get started with the BCaster Intelligent Community Camera (ICC).

BCaster Dashboard and Intelligent Community camera snapshot

Giving you the power over your brand

Activate your users anytime

Create campaigns to activate users to capture photos.
Get a channel independent licence to use the content.
BCaster provides fully automated service flow from capturing the content to choosing the content for use.

ugc dashboard image
ugc dashboard image

Exclusive access to content

Get direct access to content your users produce.
Use it in any way you want in your marketing.
As a business you now have the full power over your brand.


Increase your visibility
Engage your users
Create new commercial opportunities
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How it works

Integrate the BCaster ICC

Integrating the BCaster Intelligent Community Camera (ICC) can be done with the following steps

  • Sign up for an Account
  • Login to the Dashboard service
  • Get the appId from credentials section
  • Go to our documentation page
  • Follow the embedding instructions

Activate your users

Once the BCaster ICC is integrated into your website, users visiting your website via a mobile device are able to see the bcaster ICC icon at the bottom right corner.

You can also launch campaigns or activate your users via a banner. Our BCaster ICC can be customized to activate users.

Access your content

BCaster enables brands to be gatekeepers of content from their users. We give them real-time access to original, authentic user generated content.

You can exclusively view, download, filter and search content captured by your users via our easy to use Dashboard tool.

Our service is fully automated

from capturing the content to using the content

We do all this while ensuring copyrights and privacy