Collect fresh photos and videos from your users.

Use unique content created by your community in your marketing.

No software development or integration needed.

BCaster has ready-to-use tools for you.

BCaster Dashboard and Intelligent Community camera snapshot

3 Simple Steps


Add BCaster camera to your campaign in:

  • Social media
  • Web
  • Print
  • Packaging

BCaster camera works in all channels.


Your users share authentic content with you.

  • Directly from the users
  • In real time
  • With the rights to use


Choose content and use it

  • You have full control
  • You choose the content and the channels
    • Social media
    • Web
    • Print
    • TV/screens

You can use BCaster in all digital channels.
You get a fully automated process from capturing the content to using the content.

Embedded copyright management delivers you the right to use the content.

You can be socially responsible while focusing on your business.