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Why BCaster?

Most companies lose user-generated content created by their customers. Usually it gets scattered around in popular social networking apps. It doesn't have to be so. With the BCaster Social Media Engine you can have an engaging social network inside your app or website.

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Company In Brief.

BCaster is a quickly growing company, founded in 2016. Our mission is to turn around the world of social media. Instead of the current model, dominated by a few giants, we see a brighter future for companies and people alike.

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What can you do with BCaster?


Automatically connect people in same place, i.e. in a sports event, concert or trade show. And your customers in general.


Get and have copyright to user-generated content created in your event or otherwise related to your company.


Keep your app users hooked by providing the ‘social glue’ with gamification, rewards and exclusive content.


Turbocharge customer value with AI powered analytics of media contents and user behavior.

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